Trust Administration Attorney can help:

  • Advise trustees on legal aspects of trust administration
  • Ensure that distributions are carried out according to the wishes of the grantor
  • Navigate through the maze of rules and regulations

Having a properly drafted and funded trust may help you avoid the stressful and complex probate process. But even when the courts are not involved in overseeing the administration of a trust, the trustee nevertheless has many of the same responsibilities as a representative in probate proceedings.

The trustee has a duty to appropriately administer the trust, which includes notifying trust beneficiaries, collecting and investing trust assets, paying debts, and addressing tax issues. Fulfilling these requirements often takes significant time, effort, and knowledge of law.

At Milvidskiy Law Firm LLC, we understand that many trustees have little experience serving as a fiduciary. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible. Our attorneys regularly assist our clients in interpreting the terms of a trust and in carrying out all aspects of their legal responsibilities as trustee.

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