Stop Using Unsafe Portable Bed Rails Immediately, National Safety Commission Warns

An advisory issued earlier this month warns people against using a series of adult portable bed rail models after at least three people — including one in a nursing home and another in an assisted living facility — were entangled in them and died of asphyxia.

Posted on June 17, 2022

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission named the following 10 models of Mobility Transfer Systems adult portable bed rails in which it says users may become trapped, resulting in serious injury or death:

Stay updated on how to protect everything you’ve worked for so hard during your life.

    • Freedom Grip (model 501)
    • Freedom Grip Plus (model 502)
    • Freedom Grip Travel (model 505)
    • Reversible Slant Rail (model 600)
    • Transfer Handle (model 2025)
    • Easy Adjustable (model 2500)
    • 30-Inch Security Bed Rail, single-sided (model 5075)
    • 30-Inch Security Bed Rail – Extra Tall, single-sided (model 5075T)
    • 30-Inch Security Bed Rail, double-sided (model 5085)
    • 30-Inch Security Bed Rail – Extra Tall, double-sided (model 5085T)

    The Commission’s advisory “urges consumers to immediately stop use, disassemble, and dispose of” these bed rails, which have been on the market since 1992 and available through such online retailers as and

    Users can report any incidents related to these rails at

    Stay updated on how to protect everything you’ve worked for so hard during your life.

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