10 12, 2019

Special Ownership for Married Couples: Tenancy by the Entirety

2019-12-10T13:27:17-05:00December 10th, 2019|

Married couples have a special way to jointly own property in some states that has advantages over regular joint ownership. If you are married and own property jointly, you should make sure you have the right form of ownership. Joint [...]

25 11, 2019

Three Reasons Why Joint Accounts May Be a Poor Estate Plan

2019-11-26T08:29:50-05:00November 25th, 2019|

Many people, especially seniors, see joint ownership as an easy way to avoid probate and plan for incapacity, but there are major drawbacks to joint accounts. When people own property as joint tenants each person has an equal ownership interest [...]

14 11, 2019

Medicaid’s Power to Recoup Benefits Paid: Estate Recovery and Liens

2019-11-14T13:21:17-05:00November 14th, 2019|

Federal law requires the state to attempt to recover the long-term care benefits from a Medicaid recipient's estate after the recipient's death. If steps aren't taken to protect the Medicaid recipient's house, it may need to be sold to settle the claim. [...]

22 10, 2019

Understanding the Differences Between a Will and a Trust

2019-10-22T12:41:26-04:00October 22nd, 2019|

Everyone has heard the terms "will" and "trust," but not everyone knows the differences between the two. Both are useful estate planning devices that serve different purposes, and both can work together to create a complete estate plan. One main [...]

16 10, 2019

Estate Planning During a Divorce: Four Key Considerations

2019-10-16T11:26:00-04:00October 16th, 2019|

You have planned your life carefully. With your spouse you have drawn up a will and established trusts to organize your estate after your deaths. You have made decisions about the guardianship of your children should anything happen to you [...]